Do you want an Immune system that can fight COVID & other infections?

Dear Mogul Queens


Sorry, I have not been around but I have been serving out on the frontline on ambulance and I have been kinda busy. With and without PPE at times.


COVID & Testing

I have not been tested for COVID as our employers are saying they will only do this in the first 5 days of getting it..but symptoms don’t always I am
Confused about this.


My symptoms

I have had a dry cough, fever that comes and goes, tiredness shortness of breath, lack of taste and smell, the lack of taste, and smell continues.

It could also be other things who knows, as we are not getting tested, this angers me as 14 percent of those with COVID are healthcare workers and I keep hearing about colleagues dying in intensive care.



My mental well-being

I get anxiety and tearful as it’s emotionally draining and although I’m a tough cookie on the outside I have to pep talk myself on the way to work with singing and “you can do this chants”. I have worked during Op Telic 1 which was the start of the recent Iraq/Afghan war. I had Protection and I could see the enemy.. The Bottom line is I’m human and scared.


Learning from Frontline Experiences not the government in Ivory Towers

However, the one thing I have learned by researching information and talking to consultants. No matter what we are fighting health wise we need to all have a good immune system.


How can this be achieved?

•Drink 2 litres of water/squash a day on top of coffee & tea as they are diuretics. This helps with kidney, muscle function.

•Vitamins through orange juice natural foods.

• Sunlight get out into it or open a window that you can sit and feel it on your skin for 20 mins max

•Oxygen-move around in the house or go outside

•Although not hungry and can’t taste it’s important to still have food, soups anything.

•Breathing technique 5 breaths holding for 5 seconds then 6 breath-hold for 5 seconds then follow it with a cough out, do this twice. (Queens Hospital, London) do this with patients with any breathing issue. Hourly.

•Position yourself sat up so pillow behind your back feet on the floor to allow your natural body fluid levels to work at maximum capacity, also if you need to sleep fo it on your front as COVID loves you to lie flat and then take over your breathing.



Why do certain Medications work?

ONLY TAKE once you have spoken with GP/ECP/Pharmacist or a healthcare professional that can prescribe. ( I don’t). Drugs are designed to be attractive to certain receptors within the body they attach and it opens the pathway for the cells to interact with a drug. Which is why a drug you take can have many side effects it doesn’t know that you have a ache in your toe or head it just goes looking for the receptors it was designed to find. (Simplicity for readers).


• Paracetamol helps with temperatures only it will not work on pain relief of muscles.
• Ibruprofen helps with muscles as it works in a different way-hence it helps with headaches.
•Aspirin thins the blood so it can help with blood clots that they are nod finding in lungs of COVID but again a GP will recommend this.


So we need to exercise even if we are stuck indoors just walking around your room for 1 hr constantly even if you have a Zimmer frame it! Open the window and follow simple tips above will ensure your body is battle-ready for anything! It won’t stop you catching COVID or anything else but it will give your body a helping hand and maybe you won’t get hit as bad.


I do have free videos of stretches and tips on first aid @apollphealththerapy

Education is health & wealth!
Love and be safe xxx



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