Happy Holidays To Our Wonderful Moguls,

Honestly, you are all the best, I thank you for being on this journey with us. You all make what we do worth it. May you all have a wonderful festive season, spent with the ones you love. Cherish these moments, enjoy the journey and always have gratitude.

Every year I look back and think WOW what an amazing year it has been, I have grown and learned so much. Most importantly I have learned a lot about myself. Christmas is always a time where I feel the love from family and friends. It is a special time of year.

Youtube Gold Rush?

Its no secret the video is the future…and the future is now! Well, our fave celebs in Hollywood certainly got a memo because over the recent months there has been a celeb takeover of Youtube. OK, maybe not an all-out takeover but a large number of A-list celebs has started vlogging. A few popular Youtubers are not happy about the “corporate takeover”.

Generate Funds!

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Developing an idea, drafting up a plan and then putting your hopes on the line to execute the job is a big task. Especially for someone who is just starting in business. One of the main challenges entrepreneurs face in accessing the finance to fund their business. Inside we have discussed 3 ways you can generate funds for our business today.


Stormzy’s name is never far from the headline whether the news is good or bad. He is politically charged, a savvy businessman with some serious mc skills. In this issue, we share a few facts about the UK’s most influential Grime MC.

Issue.14 also features Mogul health, Our Favourite Music Releases, Oils To Destress, SETsquared, Dress Like A Boss, plus more.

We are currently looking for more writers and contributors to join our team. If you are interested in finding out more please email – info@mogulmagazine.co.uk we would love to hear from you. Stunning cover model & image courtesy of Livingstone Ochieng.


Mogul Magazine Issue.14 Contents

Interesting Facts About Stormzy

Youtube Gold Rush?

Generate Funds For Your Business

Am I ready for investment?

Oil Away The Stress

The Pain Of Sickle Cell Disease

Quick & Easy Holiday Make-Up

Dress Like A Boss

Burna Boy & Darkoo

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