Allstar Female Line-Up!!!

The Grime scene is never short of female mc’s but right now we’re happy to be introduced to some new ones. Enjoy!!!

An Allstar female line-up: Lady Shocker, Miz, Chey, NyNy, Laughta, Pre Wavy, Nehanda, Cassie Rytz, Frankie StayWoke, Portia NY, Nerva, Tomboy Sexy and Madders Tiff rally to perform ‘The Switch Up’, Produced by JBoss



Allstar Ladies: Miz, Lady Shocker, Portiany, Laughta, Tomboy Sexy, Nyny, Nehanda, Pre Wavy, Cassie Rytz, Frankie StayWoke and Kaylee Kay on decks pass through for DJ Target to the Team Takeover!


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