Mogul Mondays: Victoria Beckham

Every Monday we give a special shout-out to a #Mogul who leads the way, break down barriers, go above and beyond in their line of work and is of great service to their community and audience. Our #MogulMonday shout out goes to Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham is an iconic superstar, businesswoman, & international high fashion designer. Victoria has long been at the helms of celebrity lifestyle in the United Kingdom. Wife of Footballer David Beckham and mother to 4 adorable children its hard to see where this Queen finds the time to rule in the celebrities kingdom.

Victoria Beckham rose to superstardom in the ’90s where she was one-fifth of legendary British girl group The Spice Girls. It was during this period she met the love of her life Manchester United star David Beckham. Once the Spice Girls split up Victoria Beckham continued to build momentum and gain millions of fans as she embarked on a solo career in music.

Victoria soon traded the microphone for motherhood and soon after followed her passion into the fashion world. After doing a variety of high fashion collaboration in 2008 the fashionista decided to launch her own eponymous label and catapulted herself to the highest ranks in the fashion world.

The Victoria Beckham label was named designer brand of the year in the UK in 2011 and in 2012 the brand was assessed as the star performer in the Beckham family’s business interests. Victoria’s transition from singer to fashion designer had been more successful than most had predicted. She has gathered a significant celebrity following and won over the scathing fashion pack who now clamour for a ticket to her bi-annual show at New York Fashion Week.

Victoria Beckham has created an empire. Together with husband David Beckham’ their combined net worth is estimated at over half a billion pounds.



An icon, who is determined, strong, beautiful and classic. A strategic and savvy businesswoman with a heart of gold Victoria Beckham may you continue to keep rise, thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

The Mogul Magazine Team Salutes You!!

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