Mogul Mondays: Mrs.Debra Lee

Every Monday we give a special shout-out to a #Mogul who leads the way, break down barriers, go above and beyond in their line of work and is of great service to their community and audience.

Our #MogulMonday shout out goes to Mrs.Debra Lee

Debra L. Lee is an American businesswoman and media mogul. Debra has shattered many glass ceilings throughout her 30 year career at BET (Black Entertainment Television) where she was the chairman and chief executive officer.

“BET is an international platform that promotes and champions hiphop/rnb music and culture. Providing mainstream music and entertainment targeting an African American audience”. Debra Lee has sat on the board of directors for a number of companies/organizations, and is listed as “100 Most Powerful Women in Entertainment” by The Hollywood Reporter due to her many achievements.

Debra has cemented her place in history and will continuously be celebrated for her contributions to media and entertainment. Debra is a living legend, highly respected, hard working, successful and inspirational. A powerful woman who for many years sat at the helms of America’s black entertainment culture growing BET into a media powerhouse. To the honourable Mrs. Debra Lee, the team at Mogul Magazine Salutes You!

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